3 Exercises That Will Make Your Biceps Swell

Next time you workout your bicep muscles, give these 4 exercises a try, since as I have said many times before, the most effective way to build muscle is not only eating the proper foods, but a variety of workouts to perform. When you repeat the same exercises over and over again, you reach a plateau where you stop building muscle. In order to avoid this, you must perform a variety of exercises. Mix it up, don’t stick with the same routine.

One of the most popular muscles to workout are the biceps, even though they are much smaller than the triceps. The triceps are actually what makes your arms bigger, not your biceps. A tip when perform these exercises, or any exercise for that matter, concentrate on the muscle the exercise is intend for. Here is a workout routine you can perform to workout your biceps and trust me, you will feel them swell.

Exercise #1 – Chin Ups

– Chin ups, although a very popular exercise, many do not perform them correctly and therefore the workout isn’t very effective. First off, if you do not have anything to use for performing chin ups, check out Pull Up Bars.  When perform the chin ups, wrap your hands around the bar, with your finger nails facing you. Then pull yourself up off the ground until your chin reaches the bar. Then slowly lower yourself down to just before your arms lock, but be sure not to lock your arms. You should pull yourself up in 1 second, hold yourself up for 1-2 seconds and lower yourself in 4 seconds. Repeat this for about 15 repetitions or until failure. Use a weighted vest once they have become simple to perform.

Exercise #2 – Resistance Band Curls

– Using a resistance band, you will perform arm curls. To do this, take a resistance band and step on the middle of it with feet shoulder width apart. With a handle in each hand and enough resistance in the bands (adjusted by number of bands and width of feet), slowly perform an arm curl, then slowly bring it back down to where you started. Perform this for about 20 repetitions.

Exercise #3 – Alternating Rotating Dumbbell Curl

– The alternating rotating dumbbell curl allows you to focus on one arm at a time for maximum intensity. To perform this, you will need a pair of dumbbells. Stand with a dumbbell in each hand, your arms hanging straight and at your sides with your elbows tuck to your sides and with your palms facing your body. Then to start the curl slowly curl your arm up, and as the dumbbell clears your body, start to rotate it so that at the end of the movement, your palms are facing your chest. Once you lower the dumbbell back to the starting position, start curling with the next arm. Repeat this for 12 repetitions of each arm. If you can, increase weight each set.

Remember that when you are performing each exercise, each repetition focus on the bicep muscle and perform each repetition slowly for maximum intensity.

For more on muscle building workouts, quick recovery methods, and nutrition guidelines, refer to Vince Delmonte’s No Nonsense Muscle Building e-book in which he lays out a definite 29 week plan to carve out the body you want.

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